My name is Philippa James and I’m a photographer.  I keep all my professional work over at Philippa James Photography, and so I set up The Motherhood Blog so I could share my non-professional work that I shoot of my children and of our everyday.


In 2014 I set up The Motherhood Photography Workshop, a place for mums to come and learn about photography in a cosy and super friendly environment.  Those of you who have attended the workshop will be familiar with this image.  It was the image I used to launch the workshops as it was all about the ‘feels’ and not about the ‘technique’ (it’s actually out of focus) I wanted to inspire all mums to document their everyday using whatever camera they have on them, and to share my knowledge of photography to help them do this. Now, a little community of creative mums has grown, and my heart goes boom.

And talking of hearts going boom… here is my gang.  There is Alex the hairy one, Edith the crazy one, me the messy haired one, and Betsy the one acting all serious.  We’ve left the big city and nested in Oxford which is now home.

philippajamesphotography-1001-2 copy

Here are ten facts about me

  • We are all getting married next year
  • Suede was the first band I ever saw
  • I was brought up on a farm in a place called Bethlehem, Wales
  • We host a murder mystery party every NYE, and they are freaking awesome
  • I’m ridiculously obsessed with lists
  • Before kids I was a script girl in TV
  • This man is the best cook EVER
  • I try to visit Denmark once a year
  • Camping puts us all back on track
  • Daily doses of tickle time are a must